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Wireless Electricity

Surely wireless electricity is a hoax?

Have you ever noticed that when your electric toothbrush is charging there is “no” metal contact between the toothbrush and its charger?

Wireless electricity is a concept developed by Nikola Tesla, one of the most original engineers and inventors of all times. According to Tesla, the Sun is a giant ball of energy charged positively, with a discharge voltage of over 200 million, allowing us to produce wireless electrical energy by capturing this immense potential. The idea behind Tesla’s invention, the wireless current generator that produces free electric power, is that the interaction between the Sun and the Earth generates a huge cosmic energy due to the fact that Sun is charged positively and Earth is charged negatively. This cosmic energy also known as electrostatic energy, kinetic energy, electromagnetic energy or scalar waves, is present in variable quantities in the ether, but is permanently available for being transformed into free electric current with the help of a generator.

Protecting the Environment with Eco Friendly Energy – The Potential of the Tesla Generators

The potential of Tesla’s invention is incredible. His generator is able to produce energy without using up other natural resources like coal or water, which also means that producing energy this way will have no negative impact on nature, it will not pollute the environment and it will not use up natural energy sources. One of the burning questions of our age is how we are going to survive when our natural resources run out, when we will have no more coal or fossil fuel; Tesla generators can be the answer to all these questions. Unlike coal or oil, the electromagnetic field between the Sun and the Earth is always there, it never becomes scarce or exhausted and it is independent of the weather conditions or the seasons.

how to build a tesla generator

With our permanently growing carbon footprint, that is, with the continuously growing impact of our existence upon our natural environment, there is more and more interest in the production of sustainable energy. The sustainability of energy production depends on the amount of the resources used for producing the energy and upon the environmental impact the production process. With Tesla generators, the production of energy has no impact on nature whatsoever: these devices do not use coal or other resources, they do not pollute the environment with noxious gases, like CO2, and they are completely silent, producing no noise pollution either.

The Ultimate Benefit: Generating Free Electricity with a One-Time Investment

Another benefit of the Tesla generator (and the greatest one) is that the energy made this way is completely free, the only cost involved being the price of the parts that go into the generator. Small-size Tesla generators that deliver only a few volts, but are powerful enough to charge a mobile phone will cost up to $2, while a larger one, for which you need to buy a wiring diagram, will cost you around $100, with the price of the pieces included. Once you have the plan including building instructions, wiring diagrams and circuit diagrams and the necessary pieces, all of which are available in any hardware shop, you can put together your Tesla device at home and power your household appliances from a silent source, absolutely free of charge. By comparison, if you want to use the Sun as a renewable energy source to power your entire home with solar panels or the more efficient, but more expensive photovoltaic cells, the costs can hike up to $10,000 or more. The return rate of such investment can be measured in years, while in the case of Tesla generators, the costs of building one such device for your home will stay under $100, implying no further costs whatsoever.

How Electricity Produced with Wireless Technology Works

In Tesla’s view, this incredible quantity of energy generated between the ionosphere and the Earth has a potential of 360.000 volts and he dedicated many years of his life to experiment with this type of solar energy and to build a device that can collect at least some of this extraordinary power.

The Tesla generator, whatever its size, is a relatively simple device, made up of a receiver antenna to capture the unlimited energy out there, elements that transform this energy into electric power and elements that magnify the electric power to the intensity required. The only problem with the technology invented by Tesla is that the energy captured by the receiver is minuscule, so large scale magnifying devices are required to be able to supply the energy for larger, more complex systems and this is exactly what skeptics build their arguments upon. However, one of the most famous inventions by this revolutionary inventor, the Tesla coil, is constructed upon the same principle: a low intensity current is discharged at high tension, scaling up the discharge into a beautiful show of light.

Even though the technology to build Tesla generators with the aim of supplying whole cities with this type of free electricity is not currently available, nowadays there are plans available for building Tesla generators of smaller sizes. Tiny generators are able to power smaller, less energy-hungry electrical devices like mobile phones, while slightly larger ones can supply enough voltage for a light bulb or other electrical household appliances to work. Building such a generator will allow you to power your laptop or light bulbs – and all these at a fraction of the costs of the electricity coming from the grid to power the same devices.

Tesla’s inventions have already revolutionized several areas of physics – now Tesla generators can revolutionize the way we make electricity today. These machines have certainly been the subject of a lot of controversy in the scientific world: many scientists believe that Tesla generators are indeed the future, while others dismiss the idea altogether, considering it a scam or at least a technology that can work to some extent at a smaller scale, but will never be used to produce electrical power on a larger scale. However, the home made Tesla generator devices that many use to power their household appliances with wireless electricity free of charge prove the contrary: these machines really work.