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Nikola Tesla

One of the most brilliant minds, yet not fully given credit, of the last century, Nikola Tesla was a Serbian engineer and scientist. He was born on 10 July 1856, in the village of Smiljan, in the former Austrian Empire on the land of the modern-day Croatia. Being one of the prominent pioneers in the electricity field, he grew up in a family of Serbian Orthodox priests.

He studied at the polytechnic school in Graz and after that, at the reputed University of Prague. He then created a motor working on the principle of rotating magnetic field, induced by poly phase alternating currents and developed a prototype which didn’t interest anybody in Europe. So, he left to U.S. in 1884 and worked for a while with Thomas Edison.

After this stage, he established his own lab and started obtaining various patents for his discoveries, such as dynamos, poly phase motors and transformers of the direct current in order to create a complete alternating current power system.

Nikola Tesla allied with George Westinghouse and sold him patents for $1 million including royalty. He implemented alternating current as the only electric power system worldwide.

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He conceived the plans for Niagara Falls hydropower plant, he did the construction of the Chicago World’s Fair lightening system, managed to make the assembly of the electrical energy system for Colorado silver mines and other industries with alternating current.

The media highly promoted him, within the expanding electric power industry. Tesla coil, electrotherapy, the radio, X-rays, high-frequency lighting are some of his most known inventions.

He was slowed down in his researches by a lab fire, but he reconstructed it and moved on. He studied and created lightning.

With the help of financier J.P. Morgan, he invented the world radio broadcasting. His popularity began to fade, due to his cost free energy researches, and sustainable energy studies or alternative energy sources developing. In the second half of his life he only did some birthday press conferences. These are the times when he made some amazing predictions, such as microwaves, beam technologies, TV, wave-interference devices, cosmic-ray motor and even interplanetary communication. He last appeared in media in 1940.

Nikola Tesla died in 1885 at the age 87 in New York, in a hotel room. The U.S. Government impounded his personal papers and lab notes. Some of them were reveled years after that and are now exposed at the “Tesla Museum” in the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

Nikola Tesla, a man among men and his renewable energy researches

As all great humanity minds, Tesla was one step ahead of his time and had some visionary predictions. This was no magic, he only understood energy in ways much more profound than others. He knew, even back then, something we understood and admitted only in the last years, the fact that traditional energy is getting more expensive each year and free electric sources and zero cost alternatives must be found. Big Electric moguls didn’t appreciate his green energy theories and they started a campaign of denigration against him, cutting his researching founds and trying to ruin his reputation as a scientist, ridiculing his revolutionary ideas. They started fleecing Tesla for every cent he had, making sure they will not bow down to an alternative free energy source.

This is the time and the context when the famous Tesla generator was created, persecuted by the industry tycoons of the period, highly appreciated in our times.